We are delivering simple all natural nutrition dog treats from Central Asia. Why Central Asia? Well the answer is simple Central is known for waste lands where one of the last remaining nomadic cultures with ultimate sustainable lifestyle are living there for thousand years raising their pasture fed livestock most organic way. Goats, sheep, cows and yaks are all naturally nomadic, so instead of putting them into paddocks with fences and stables, they move with them the way the animals would naturally move in the wild. Nomad Herders livestock eat 100% fresh naturally grown grass. So all our treats suits for every dog’s taste even the picky ones. We monitor and test our raw materials in third party laboratory, so you can treat your dog with peace of mind.

At SarLuck, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with our products. That’s because we use All Natural Healthy Yogurt and Cheese to make our  Treats with vitamins B,C,D low-calorie high-protein, lactose free. These human consumable treats have been produced in Central Asia since the 9th century.

While most jerkies are spiced and are not meant for dogs SarLuck Air Dried Jerky is the ultimate jerky for for dogs. 

SarLuck Air Dried Jerky is a single-ingredient jerky consisting of dried meat from either beef, goat, or lamb... 

Our chews are made from the best range free, pasture fed organic animals. Made by Central Asian Nomads centuries old know-hows air-dried real organic dog chews. Central Asian herders treat their dogs with livestock byproducts such as horn, tail, tendon, leg and hoofs in order to avoid any of waste.

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